Cannassist is tailor-made to harness the power of over 20 essential vitamins, herbs, and minerals your body needs every day as a CBD, hemp, or cannabis consumer.

Why We Made Cannassist

Our mission is to support the health and wellness of the cannabis community by creating products that help users feel amazing. We're dedicated to using the latest science and research to do just that. Every community deserves to be seen, supported and cared for. That's what Cannassist is here to do.

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Why It Works

From the Amino Acids to Zinc Picolinate, our renowned Chief Scientist and neuroscientist Dr. Blake Gurfein formulates our products based upon the latest scientific research and nutritional supplement insights to ensure absorption, tolerability, and efficacy. Better science, better ingredients, better health.

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It Runs In The Family

Growing up, our CEO and founder played amongst his parents' plants and worked in their natural food store. It’s no surprise he believes this community deserves to be seen, to have its health needs addressed, and is leading that effort with Cannassist Multivitamins.

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